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Special belt with support cushion to help the user to sleep comfortably on their side and minimize snoring.

Especially recommended for patients with apnea. For CPAP users, the use of the CPAP pillow is recommended in addition to the lateral positioning belt.

Data sheet

INDICATIONS When sleeping on your side, the jaw is in an optimal position to keep the airways open and clear all night, helping to stop snoring. Breathable fabric, anti mites, anti bacteria, antifungal, m1 fire retardant and waterproof.
COMPOSITION Foam filling. Breathable 3d fabric. Saniluxe. Velcro. Zipper. Polypropylene.
MAINTENANCE Removable. Washable by hand or machine at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees. It admits the use of dryer but not of abrasive products. Do not wash with the inner wedge.
MEASUREMENTS Adaptable to any bed size and user size.

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