Who can apply for VAT exemption?

People who have a terminal illness, chronic illness or disability will be exempt from paying 20% of the VAT and in turn the charitable organizations can also request this exemption.

Please note that exemption from VAT can’t be claimed for temporary disabilities such as a broken bone or a healthy person even if the case is very severe.


Which items are exempt from VAT?

All products of Global eCare Corporation have the VAT exemption.


How to apply for the exemption?

It’s quite easy, just fill out a simple document that indicates the nature of your disability, chronic or terminal illness. If you are a charity, you only need to provide the charity registration number.

In Global eCare Corporation we remember that it’s a crime to falsify that you or someone else has the diseases we have mentioned above.


What to do now?

If after reading this guide you aren’t sure if you or the person you are buying qualifies for VAT relief then please read the HMRC guide here  Or send us an email and we'll be happy to answer any questions.


At the end of the page, you will find the vat exemption document (whose title is Download Declaration), download it and fill out it, once done, you should send it by mail at sales@globalecarecorporation.co.uk

Download Declaration