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Product made of medical silicone. This fact provides a total relaxation effect in the foot, especially in the distal and heel support areas where the extra-soft silicone is placed. Longitudinal internal archer and central retrocapital support. Charge points absorption during walking and in static positions.

Ficha técnica

INDICACIONES Advised to painful, tired or post-operative feet. Reduce pressures such as Metatarsalgia and Talalgias problems. Relaxation feeling that provides a massage effect. It's advised to Cavus foot, Flat foot, Diabetic foot and Bursitis of the heel diseases.
COMPOSICIÓN 100% medical silicone.
MANTENIMIENTO Product washable with cold water and neutral detergent. Air-dry. Sprinkle the inside with unscented talcum. Do not iron. Do not expose to direct heat sources.

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