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Waterproof adult bibs have the added difficulty that users sometimes do not accept it very well. The design of our waterproof bib with warm colors makes it more attractive and, adding this to its cotton composition, it is better accepted among patients. Buy this bib with a snap closure that prevents it from being tampered with by the wearer. Its fixed pocket also collects food scraps, making it the optimal decision in cases of Parkinson's.

Data sheet

INDICATIONS The food slips in the bib thanks to the vynil and duraflex material. In this way, sometimes there’s no need to clean the bib. The caregivers use to clean the bib with a cleaning cloth to continue using it.
COMPOSITION Superficial layer 65% cotton, 35% polyester 135 grams. Green Canadian vinyl 270 grams.
MAINTENANCE Hand and machine washable at a maximun temprerature of 60ºC. Tolerates dryer. Use of bleach.
MEASUREMENTS 46X91 cm ( 18,7"x35,8")

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