All products of our web are made with quality materials to guarantee our customers the best possible experience. Our enterprise works with four main types of tissues (Bamboo, Rhovyl, Saniluxe and Sanitized), each one of them provides the product a variety of characteristics adapted to the needs of the same one.



The Bamboo tissue is made of biodegradable bamboo fibers that generate negative ions, which are beneficial for blood circulation. The material of this tissue is resistant, breathable and fresh material that helps to regulate the temperature and absorbs the wet by 60% or more than the cotton. It guarantees an optimum rest.


Saniluxe guarantees maximum comfort and hygiene thanks to polyurethane, which has a thin membrane composed of tiny holes allowing the smallest particles to pass through it. Furthermore, it also eliminates the sensation of heat, humidity and noise that other impermeable fabrics provide.


This tissue provides a perfect thermal insulation. It has a soft texture that offers a permanent comfort and an effective antibacterial action. It’s resistant to extreme temperatures, chemical products and biological and environmental factors.



The Sanitized component creates a very effective anti-mite barrier, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, to ensure greater protection for rest accessories.




The padded tissue ensure the maximum comfort to the users. Pleasant to the touch..



In contrast to padded tissue, it eliminates the heat and moisture sensation.



This material ensure a maximum resistance of the product. Concerning the maintenance, it resists to high washing temperatures and to abrasive products.



Remarkable by its resistence. It resists to high washing temperatures and to abrasive products.

3D tissue

The threads of the tissue create a resistant, breathable and padded material.