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Indicated to protect users with sensitive and fragile skins to external agents. They are adapted and fixed to the foot to avoid rubbing and to cushion blows. They provide greater safety and prevent injuries resulting from trauma, friction and lacerations. They keep the area at the right temperature. It prevents the feet from cooling and keeping heat in them. Ideal for patients with circulatory deficiency and elderly with slowed metabolism.

Data sheet

INDICATIONS We recommend the supervision of a professional to place the product. If it's placed improperly it can cause the opposite effect causing redness and ulceration.
COMPOSITION RHOVIL Polyurethane Saniluxe. Velcro closure. Non-slip fabric.
MAINTENANCE Washable cover by hand or machine with neutral detergent at 60ºC, suppressing the spin. It can be cleaned dry. Tolerant dryer at reduced temperature. Don’t iron. Don’t bleach.

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