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Pressure ulcer prevention for users who sit or lie down for a long time. By releasing loads on the calcaneus, malleolus and insertion of the Achilles tendon, while the patient remains supine, the pressures are distributed and equalized throughout the area in any position.

Thanks to the filler that is made of silicone fiber, it turns out to be more padded than the others standard patucos. Also, the interior is made of RHOVYL, thermoregulator fabric that maintains body heat.

Data sheet

INDICATIONS We recommend the supervision of a professional to place the product. If it's placed improperly it can cause the opposite effect causing redness and ulceration.
COMPOSITION RHOVIL. Filling of silicone fiber. Polyurethane Saniluxe. Velcro closure.
MAINTENANCE Washable by hand or machine, with neutral detergent, at 30º, suppressing the spin. Tolerant dryer at reduced temperature. Don’t iron. Don’t use bleach. Avoid direct and prolonged contact with liquids and moisture. Don’t wet the viscoelastic.

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