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The gastro esophageal reflux is a very common disease which affects older children and adults due to any health problem. This reflux is aggravated when the person is lying down. To avoid this problem is recommended to sleep by sitting up the back. This raised position is achieved throughout the elevation of the headboard or anti-reflux the patient sleeps in a half-sitting position in bed.

Data sheet

INDICATIONS The product must be leaned on a normal mattress in the headboard zone. It helps the patient to sleep in a seated up position.
COMPOSITION Bamboo with zip closure. Silicone fiber pillow. Foam core.
MAINTENANCE Hand and machine washable with non-abrasive products. Maximum temperature of 30ºC. Don't use chlorinated bleaching products. Use iron.
MEASUREMENTS 50x70x30 cm (19,7"x27,6"x11.8")

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