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The sling hangs from the shoulder or neck so that the injured arm does not move and adapts easily to the trunk thanks to its velcro material and allows the patient to choose the angle of elbow flexion. Choose from black, red, lilac, green and beige according to your child's choice and make his recovery more fun. Its breathable 3-D padded fabric favors user comfort as well as hygiene due to its thin breathable membrane.

Data sheet

INDICATIONS Easily adapts itself to the trunk thanks to the Velcro material with the purpose of improving the shoulder’s immobilization. This product enables the patient to choose the flexion angle of the elbow. Use of the product under medical prescription.
COMPOSITION 3-D breathable tissue (imitation suede, foam and velour). Padded polypropylene strip. Buckle closure.
MAINTENANCE The tissue of the product guarantees maximum comfort and hygiene thanks to its thin membrane composed by minuscule apertures. Hand and machine washable with non-abrasive products at 40ºC. Don't dry clean. Don't use bleach. Don't iron. Don't tumble dry.

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