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It is a comfortable and easy-to-use ear protector.

Recommended in those cases in which pressure has to be released in the ear area, either due to the risk of bedsores or pressure ulcers, or after a postoperative period or ailment thereof.They release pressure on the areas of the pinna, the ear canal, the eardrum, etc.

It can be used both on the left ear and on the right ear. 

Data sheet

INDICATIONS Product indicated for the treatment of lesions on the auricle. The pressure of the ear area is appreciably decreased.
COMPOSITION HR foam, polyester and cotton core. Velcro.
MAINTENANCE Removable cover. Hand and machine washable. Use neutral detergent, at 30ºC without centrifugation. Tolerates dryer at reduced temperature. Do not iron. Do not use bleach.

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