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The hospital nightdresses are a group of special clothing for people with the following situations: dependencys situation, hospitalized people, bedridden people and people having disabilities. This kind of clothing is suitable for these situations because the product provides comfort and dignity to the person in question. In this sense, the function of caregivers is facilitated. In addition, the dressing/undressing daily task of patients with reduced mobility is also facilitated.

Data sheet

INDICATIONS Special clothing indicated for hospitalized patients, in a dependency situation, etc. This product disposes of a practical pocket in the left side of the chest.
COMPOSITION Terlenka. Strip closure.
MAINTENANCE Hand and machine washable by using neutral detergent at 30ºC without centrifugation. Use drier at a low temperature. Don't iron. Don't use bleach.
MEASUREMENTS S/S Up to 100 cm (39,4") silhouette | S/M Up to 130 cm (51,1") silhouette

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