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Sanitized summer booties differ from the Suapel standard in that their bamboo fabric is breathable, therefore, sweating is avoided in the area of ​​the feet, being more prone to generating bacteria that cause infectious diseases, etc.

This bootie protects any feet from rubbing against the bed without losing comfort and comfort and relieves pressure on the heel area, preventing the appearance of pressure ulcers. They are sold individually.

It is adjusted by a velcro band. Available in white, gray or navy.

Data sheet

INDICATIONS We recommend the supervision of a professional to place the product. If it's placed improperly it can cause the opposite effect causing redness and ulceration.
COMPOSITION Suapel. Bamboo. Velcro
MAINTENANCE Washable by hand or machine, with neutral detergent, at 30º, suppressing the spin. Tolerant dryer at reduced temperature. Don’t iron. Don’t use bleach. Avoid direct and prolonged contact with liquids and moisture. Don’t wet the viscoelastic.

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